March 11, 2009


Interview with Japanese AV Director Sabbath Horinaka

The female role in traditional Japanese culture is one of submission, clearly depicted in their
mainstream porn. Woman are often bound or restrained by other men, forced to experience pleasure only the men can provide, for the entertainment and pleasure of the giver and audience.

Some candid remarks are made about the view on woman of Japanese men who come into sexual ‘being’ through the world of AV Porn, and continue to consume porn on a daily basis. “I’m basically numb to reality” and goes on to comment about the way he looks at strange woman in public places.

Despite Japan’s censorship policies, he works around it. “As a viewer I always notice how the (censorship) really forces (you) to imagine what’s on the other side (…). There are places where I think you should see less, but I never have a situation where I think I should show more.”

His favourite fetish is that of ‘munechira’ (seeing down a girls shirt, blouse):
“When it happens naturally I’m really excited. I like things that force me to use my imagination, so the image of fully nude is not particularly exciting to me.”

from Magnifisense Magagazine (Published by Rikki Kasso)

(Pornography In Japan; Wikipedia)